Bringing the radio-controlled airplane world to modern design and technology.


Flywire was a personal project built to catalog the many DIY radio-controlled foam airplane plans that are available online. There are quite a few sites and forums that host plans but it is hard to find a main catalog of what is available out there. The primary goal of Flywire was to be able to visually find and browse through the next RC airplane that you would want to build without having to click through pages of forum posts.

Flywire mockup

Technologies & tools


Quite a few of the other major RC airplane sites were older-themed forums that you had to manually look through to find what you were wanting to build. With Flywire, I was wanting to start from the ground up with search and tags as the main point of the site. Planes were always shown with a thumbnail that could quickly show you the finished product of a plane you could build.

Web scraping


With Flywire, I was wanting to utilize the quickness of single page apps (SPA) that would allow users to quickly search for planes without having to have the browser reload. Tags and categories were another feature I was wanting to add to all of the planes so that you could quickly browser different types of planes such as World War II planes or biplanes.

The front-end of the website was all built with Angular JS 1.4.1 which allowed quick filitering of the planes as well as different views for individual planes, search results and tags.

WordPress as a back-end only

Firebase was intially used to store all of the planes information. Angular would then make requests to Firebase when a user would search or filter out planes. After a while, I realized I need an easier way to add new planes and edit current ones. I didn't want to go through the Firebase UI each time, manually edit JSON, or custom develop a CMS on top of Firebase so I started looking at the WordPress WP-API. I exported and imported all of the planes into WordPress and used custom fields for the meta data such as plane designer and links to the pdf plans.