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You've been asking for a data logger with longer battery life. We are pleased to introduce the Em50 Solar and Em50G Solar data loggers.

With a fully integrated solar panel and rechargeable batteries, there is no reason to worry about power on remote or long-term installations. Pair the Em50G Solar data logger with our web viewer and check on your data at any time.

Now you can spend less time maintaining your logger batteries and more time being productive.

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Soil Moisture Data Interpretation

Without interpretation, soil moisture data have little value.

We recently filmed two panel discussions where participants interpreted real soil moisture datasets. They discussed how soil moisture data can be used to:

  • schedule irrigation
  • understand crop water use
  • identify full and refill points
  • separate treatment effects from natural variability

Soil Moisture Data
Interpretation I
Soil Moisture Data
Interpretation II

Ecologist Richard Gill works with large soil moisture sensor networks. In his recent video he talks about his approach to managing and interpreting data. Part of his strategy is using automated algorithms for interpreting large datasets.

Webinar - Clay Characterization by Water Vapor Sorption

The isotherms generated by Decagon's Vapor Sorption Analyzer (VSA) are being used to revolutionize the way that clay soil properties are characterized.

In this webinar, Dr. Bill Likos will show how swelling potential, specific surface area (SSA), cation exchange capacity (CEC), and mineralogy can all be quantified using water vapor sorption.


Specific topics:
  • Fundamentals of mineral-water interactions
  • Techniques for measuring water vapor sorption
  • Connections between sorption isotherms and clay
  • Characterizing specific surface area and cation exchange capacity


Sensor Troubleshooting

Do you have a sensor that doesn't seem to be working? Chris Chambers, our application and support guru, has a few troubleshooting tips that might solve the problem.


Yes, the video is a little dated, but Chris' tips and advice are timeless.

If you follow Chris' advice and still have problems with your sensors then contact us so that we can help you get up and running again.


Product Update - DS-2 Sonic Anemometer Performance Upgrade

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. Often it is our customer's feedback which helps us identify and prioritize features to improve.

We like to think of this relationship as a collaboration. And, we believe that collaborations work best when there is open communication among all stakeholders.

Consider the following example:

Recently, several of our DS-2 customers let us know that their anemometers were intermittently reporting data during rain events. We looked at their data, gathered some of our own, and decided that we needed to investigate the matter further.

We resolved the issue with a base plate that prevents water from splashing onto the sonic transducers. We also modified the signal processing firmware to enhance the anemometer's performance when water is present in the measurement path. These features are now standard on all our DS-2 sonic anemometers.


If you have purchased a DS-2 from us and have experienced reliability issues during rainfall events, let us know, and we will update your DS-2 free of charge.

G.A. Harris Fellowship Recipients

This year we received a record-breaking 70 applications for the G.A. Harris Fellowship. Thanks again to everyone that submitted applications this year!

The volume and diversity of high-quality proposals made it difficult to select a handful of finalists. After much debate and discussion, our review committee was ultimately able to make a selection.

Congratulations to the nine individuals that were selected to receive the G.A. Harris Fellowship this year!



Read more about the recipients and their projects.

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